Double Trouble: 10 Celebrities You Might Not Know Are Twins

No, you’re not seeing double. Well, maybe you are, but it’s not our fault you drank yourself into oblivion last night. Once you sober up, you can take a closer look at these celebrity twin siblings who will make you think you’re still three sheets to the wind. Because really, you might not have known that they are twins at all!

Gisele Bundchen


Getty Images

The Brazilian supermodel, who grew up with five sisters, has one who is her fraternal twin. Patricia was born five minutes after Gisele.

Alanis Morissette



She does a lot of man-bashing in her music, but Alanis would never speak ill of twin brother Wade. In fact, the singer-songwriter honored her brother by giving his middle name to her 2-year-old son, Ever Imre.

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