These Are the Top 12 Richest Fashion Designers. Can You Guess Who’s #1?

Unless you live in a nudist colony, you know that dressing well is an important part of life. In business and personal endeavors, looking your best helps you feel confident, which gives you more motivation to work hard.

The result? Success.

Since the beginning of time, fashion has played an important role in people’s success. And many of the brains behind the scenes have helped shape the fashion world into the competitive market that it is today.

These 12 designers have mastered the task of showing us how to “dress for success,” and their bank accounts are proof of that.

12. Paloma Picasso


Michael Thompson

The Tiffany & Co. jewelry designer (she celebrated her 30th anniversary with the company in 2010) has a net worth of $600 million (USD). In 1984, she created the “Paloma” perfume for L’Oreal and has been a member of the International Best Dressed List since 1983.

11. Calvin Klein


WWD/Cond้ Nast/Corbis

He started Calvin Klein Inc. in 1968, and now has perfumes, watches and jewelry as part of his business empire. The mogul has a net worth of $700 million (USD).

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