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The 2016 Presidential Candidates and Their Surprising Net Worth

As the field of 2016 presidential candidates continues to winnow, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at all 20 of the original participants. In doing so, we can across Forbes’ list of the presidential candidates and their net worth.

As you’re about to see, when people say that millionaires and billionaires control the United States, they’re really not lying! With the exception of the first three candidates on this list, everyone who has been or is still in the 2016 presidential race is a millionaire!

(Of course, when you combine the net worth of candidates 20 through 2, you only arrive at a total figure that’s a fraction of a fraction of #1’s net worth… And, we think you know who that is…)

20. Martin O’Malley (Dropped Out)


via Deal Breaker

Currently paying for his kids to go to college, Martin is currently in debt and therefore doesn’t have a net worth.

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