3 Addicting Mobile Apps Everyone Has


1. DoubleDown Casino 

If you’re like me and head to Vegas every year just to get hammered and lose a lot of money gambling, this app is probably a godsend.I cannot tell you how much money I’ve lost in Vegas while gambling and drunk. Luckily, DoubleDown Casino allows you to practice and better your game when you’ve got nothing better to do. With DoubleDown Casino you get to play other players who are just like you, if not better (or worse in this case…). So, instead of losing large bucks in Vegas or anywhere in that case, bet your friends or complete strangers using DoubleDown Casino (hopefully you’re as good as you say and think you are).💰

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 2. Game Of War

 Damn, I’ve been playing MMO games for as long as I can remember. I remember back in middle school I’d play Runescape in computer class when the teacher wasn’t around…good times. Game Of War is probably my favorite MMO game now, it makes me think a lot smarter because of how competitive the game is, and I’m not just talking about the game – in general too. Because the game is so strategic and competitive, it makes me better at my job…yes, really. It’s also a good way to relax and escape reality for a bit, not to mention the hot babes involved in the game. 😍

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 3. Clash Of Kings

Sometimes I’m like Arnold Schwarzenegger, I just want to kick someone’s ass and F@#K sh-t up!  Whenever I’m angry or really stressed out, I like to start kicking some ass on Mobile Strike while enjoying a nice cold beer (or Kool-aid…). When playing, I’m in control, I’m the BOSS, and I call all the shots, everyone and everything is under my COMMAND! Play with your friends or complete strangers, depending on who’s  ass you’d like to kick.

Click Here – FREE Download Of Clash Of Kings On Apple

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Sometimes you just gotta let loose and play some games, even if it’s during work. 😉

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