2 Legitimate Ways To Make Money From Home in 2016

2 Legitimate Ways To Make Money From Home in 2016

March 16, 2015

       by Nicole R.


Listen – we all know the internet is full of “make money at home” scams, so we’ve scoured through thousands of different ideas to find you 11 legitimate ones.

We’ve tried all these personally so we know they work and you’ll get paid. Plus, I guarantee there are some in here that you’ve never heard of…

1. Share Your Opinions For Rewards

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It turns out that you can get rewarded for simply giving your opinion on products and services. Intrigued?

My new secret weapon is called Valued Opinions — a tool that gets you rewarded for filling out simple surveys about products and services. It’s free to sign up for Valued Opinions and once you do, they will email you a verification link, once you’ve completed that step – You’re READY!Simply start completing surveys and rack up those points to redeem gift cards.

2. Download These Apps

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Nielsen Mobile for iPhone Users – if you have an iPhone, this Nielsen panel will pay you $50/year to keep this app on your cell phone.

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