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19 American Idol Judges Ranked by Net Worth

Believe it or not, the list of people who have hosted American Idol is some kind of millionaire’s club. All of American Idol’s judges, of course, have had successful careers of their own, and they’ve added to their earnings by appearing on one of the most popular shows of the past several decades!

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Only 11 people have truly been judges on American Idol. However, you may recall that American Idol has used guest judges on occasion over the years. To spice things up – and to take a trip down memory lane – we thought we’d include some of the most noteworthy guest judges on our list as well.

19. Adam Lambert ($5 million)


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While he may not have won, there’s no denying that post-American-Idol life has been quite good to Adam Lambert. Replacing Freddie Mercury in Queen? Just awesome.

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