9 Of the Country’s Best Speakeasies for a Fancy Night Out

When you want to have a fancy night out, you’ve got to find a cool bar that will leave you and your friends talking for days to come. To do that, you might as well turn to the country’s speakeasies, which have been making a comeback over the past several years.

No doubt, there’s one nearby. But, if you want the ultimate speakeasy experience, you’ve got to head to the best ones in the country. On this list, you’ll find the 9 coolest speakeasies in the United States, each of which can turn any old night out on the town into something luxurious and memorable. Let’s take a look…

1. Fifth Province (Chicago, IL)


via Yelp

While there’s no shortage of Irish pub in general, there aren’t a whole lot of Irish speakeasies. This is one of the few, and it’s definitely the coolest. Serving up traditional Irish fare and all the stouts and ales you can quaff, this little speakeasy is located within the bowels of Chicago’s Irish American Heritage Center. Be sure you go on the right night, though, as it’s only open two days a week, Friday and Saturday.

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