The Cost of These 12 Plastic Surgery Disasters Will Leave You Speechless

If anyone’s told you that they’ve found the fountain of youth in Hollywood, then they’re lying. One need only look as far as the incredible bills celebrities pay for their litany of plastic surgeries.

While some celebrities get their money’s worth from face-lifts, nose jobs and Botox injections, others take things a little too far. In fact, there are some celebrity faces that have been transformed into monstrous visages thanks to plastic surgery.

What makes all of that even worse is that these celebrities actually paid someone to mess up their faces and bodies – sometimes as much as $1 million (USD). So, what are some of the worst celebrity plastic surgery disasters, and how much did they cost? Let’s take a look…

1. Tom Jones


via People

How does on old Las Vegas cat like Tom Jones manage to look like he ages at half speed?
Spending nearly $50,000 on plastic surgery, of course. (Allegedly, his plastic surgeon cut him off in 2006, telling him that going under the knife one more time might cause his face to fall apart.)

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