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The Government Refi Program Big Banks Don’t Want You To Know About

HARP Gives Homeowners a Once In A Lifetime Mortgage Bailout

Don't drown in debt any longer - sign up to save money now!

Don’t drown in debt any longer – learn how to save money now!

A forgotten mortgage stimulus program that was passed by Obama to help the middle class has been uncovered. The program is called HARP, which stands for the Home Affordable Refinance Program. The program itself is totally free, and gives homeowners a once in a lifetime mortgage bailout. Like most government benefits this program will expire, but there is still time left for up to 700,000 qualified homeowners to take advantage. It’s important that homeowners don’t wait though as the program will expire this year. Calculate your new house payment and see if you qualify from our lenders »

HARP eliminates mortgage payments, reduces what homeowners owe, lowers interest rates

HARP is a program with no downside. HARP doesn’t add any cost to your refi because it’s a totally free government program, and it helps qualified homeowners get better, more affordable mortgages. Homeowners have used HARP to eliminate up to 15 years of mortgage payments, cut their interest rates in half, or even to just simply lower their monthly payments and save up to $3,000 a year.

How To Get A HARP Loan

To help homeowners find banks that offer HARP refinances, services such as LowerMyBills are available. LowerMyBills is a completely free service that many homeowners love because it helps them easily compare multiple lenders at once. It only takes about three minutes to use their easy online form, and their network of lenders can help you calculate your new house payment and see if you qualify for HARP.

Why isn’t everyone using this refi plan? Here’s why…

Banks don’t want homeowners to know about it because they hate what this program could do to them. HARP helps homeowners refinance at today’s historically low rates and switch to 15 year fixed rate mortgages. That helps homeowners save up to $190,000, which means homeowners who use HARP could take as much as $190,000 out of banks pockets and put it back into theirs. Calculate your new house payment and see if you qualify from our lenders »

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