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The 21 Highest-Paid Television Actors and Actresses of All Time

For some actors and actresses, moving to television is considered a step down. However, once these actors and actresses see how much they can earn on a successful television show, early reservations quickly dissipate.

In the world of Hollywood, television actors and actresses are some of the highest-paid people in the industry. In fact, many celebrities starring in hit television shows can earn at least $250,000 (USD) per episode.

But, that’s toward the bottom of the pile in terms of per-episode earnings. Below, we’re going to countdown the highest-paid television actors and actresses on a per episode basis. If you were thinking of breaking into television, this list may be all the impetus you need!

21. Hugh Laurie ($409,000 per episode)


via The Telegraph

Hopping across the pond proved to be a wise career move for Hugh, who netted almost half-a-million dollars per episode of “House, M.D.”

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