11 Legitimate Ways to Make Money at Home

Listen – we all know the internet is full of “make money at home” scams, so we’ve scoured through thousands of different ideas to find you 11 legitimate ones you can start earning extra money today at.

These are all ideas that we’ve done before, so we know that they’re real and that you’ll get paid. Plus, I guarantee there are some in here that you’ve never heard of…

1. Give Your Opinion to Make $100+/Month

Most of you know that surveys aren’t our favorite way of earning money on the side. But as long as we’re just watching TV, there’s no reason we can’t click a few buttons at the same time.

Swag Bucks is one of the oldest and well know paid survey companies out there (they’re rated an A+ with the Better Business Bureau).

I’ve heard some of the top-end surveys can pay up to $95, but those are rare and can take awhile to complete. Most surveys pay a buck or two and only take 10-15 minutes, making it pretty easy to earn $100 or more per month.

2. Watch Youtube Like Videos and Earn Money!

The folks over at InboxDollars will actually pay you to watch videos! Now, most of them aren’t as entertaining as the Grumpy Cat series, but you’re getting paid – so who cares?

This works because the videos are sponsored by brands who need to get it in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Every time you watch one of their ads, they’ll credit your account with cash.

Here’s a link to sign up. They give you $5 just for signing up.

3. Make Money Shopping offers tons of shopping jobs where you can earn money doing your regular errands. You can get paid to evaluate new products, and even perform mystery shopping and way more! Very good program to get started on.

4. Take Surveys And Give You Opinion And Win Prizes

Vip Voice has been around forever and lots of people see great results with them. Taking survey’s will earn you points you can use to redeem for cash, gift cards, vacations and larger prizes. If you’re new to the site you can earn 3x the points on your first go on survey’s.

All the surveys are aimed about making a difference with your own voice. They value true opinions and a great way to earn some earn money while you watch TV.

5. Watch More TV And Earn Money?

You read and heard right. It’s definitely possible to get paid to watch TV… There’s a new company called “RewardTV” that pays you to answer trivia questions about last night’s TV shows.

Know what happened on Empire or Game of Thrones? Tell them about it and they will pay you!

You’re not going to get rich doing this, but it’s a fun way to make an extra $15-$20/week. Pretty cool, right?

6. Get Paid For REAL Research

Want to make a difference? Panda Research provides a platform for people to complete market research for companies, products or government studies. Each survey pays around $1-$5 and some even pay $25 for each completed one. It is very possible to make hundreds of dollars a month in your free time or on weekends if your dedicated.

7. Work with Vindale Research

Vindale Research has been around since 2004 online offer people a way to make money choose what they want to review, offer an opinion on things you choice. They have paid out $5 millions in commissions to users and some even pay out $100+.

8. Save Money On Vegetables At The Grocery Store

A new company SavingStar allows consumers to save money on online and grocery purchases. Over 5 million people a month use Saving Star to save money on products like Dole Frozen Fruit Products, 20% of select fruits and vegetables, or 10% cash back for using groupon.

They are releasing new deals and savings on the daily – a great way to plan your grocery shopping to pay you back and save!

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