Power Companies HATE This Simple Curve Ball…

If your zip code qualifies, the Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit will pay you to go solar!

Thanks to a little-known government program called Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit, homeowners in specific zip codes are getting $1,000’s in tax credits and rebates to install solar panels.

Find out if your zip code qualifies

This is a big deal. Because there are millions of people who would love to get solar panels installed on their homes, but the cost is prohibitive. But not if they live in specific areas.

How Does it Work?

The government would like as many people as possible to switch to solar. Here’s why: Solar is cheaper, and better for long term economic strength. Here’s how “going solar” can affect what you pay:


But the problem is the cost of going solar is prohibitive. So very quietly, the government has targeted certain zip codes across the USA, and enacted Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit. This allows homeowners like you to lease (not buy) solar panels, usually for $0 down, and the government will help you afford the system with generous tax credits and rebates. It’s a serious score for homeowners!

The Time to Act is Right Now

Now you might be asking why you haven’t heard of this Tax Credit previously? It’s likely because the government doesn’t want to rile up power companies too much.

So like many tax breaks and incentives, it’s just put out there with little fanfare. But it’s very real. If you want to lock yourself into 2015’s incentives, you have to act now.

How Do I Find Out if I Qualify?

It’s 100% free to see if you qualify, and takes about two short minutes.

Step 1: Click your state on the map to instantly check your eligibility for free

Step 2: Once you go through a few questions and enter your home info, you will find out if your area qualifies, and how much “going solar” can mean to your wallet!

*Must be Home Owner To Qualify & decent sun light.

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