12 Shocking Things Celebrities Wasted Their Money On

Celebrities have a lot of disposable income, and just like anyone else with extra cash lying around, sometimes their wallets start to burn holes in their pockets. This inevitably leads to some pretty expensive and ultimately outrageous purchases.

So, when some of the world’s most recognizable celebrities whip out their American Express Black Cards, what are they having them swiped for? Below, you’ll find a list of 12 of the most shocking things that celebrities have wasted their money on, with the most expensive purchase coming in at $20 million (USD).

Think you might’ve been a little too spend happy the last time you went shopping? Well, think again, because this is what it means to waste your money…

1. Daniel Radcliffe’s Mattress


via Den of Geek

Alter to any ladies out there who want to get with Harry Potter: He reportedly spent around $17,000 for his mattress. Here’s to a good night’s sleep (or not)…

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