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An Insider’s Tour of Notch’s Insane $70-Million L.A. Mansion

Markus Persson also known as “Notch” is the creator of Minecraft, an insanely popular video game that happens to be one of the best selling of all time. The success of this game, in fact, led to Microsoft purchasing Notch’s company, Mojang, for an incredible sum of $2.5 million (USD).

With a windfall of cash like that, you can bet that Notch had some money to burn. So, he decided to buy one of the swankiest (if not the swankiest) mansions in Los Angeles to the tune of $75 million. In purchasing the home, Notch actually managed to outbid some high-profile buyers, Jay-Z and Beyoncé among them.

So, what does a $75-million Los Angeles mansion look like when you’ve got a net worth of $1.5 billion? That’s what we’re about to show you.


Situated high up in the hills overlooking Los Angeles, Notch can enjoy panoramic views from his stunning infinity pool.

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